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Hi Navid, Do you have any plans to update this for MoBu 2019 or 2020? Thanks :)

Hi Navid, your plugin is awesome. It is just sad that it works only with MB 2016.

Could you release a new version of the plugin or release the source code to be able to run the plugin with other motion builder versions, such as 2018?

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Hi Navid,  How can I export the markers  data to an excel spread sheet?


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Hi Navid, where is the troubleshooting section you mentioned below? I'm having some issues with retargeting via HIK, and wanted to look at your troubleshooting suggestions before I bothered you with my questions. Thanks!

Hi Navid,

I have some issue with Left(Right)Thumb1. It seems that it doesnt send rotation values to its reference. I read values in I/O Hand Capture, but not in reference.

With all characters are thumbs not tracked properly (by all I mean basic motionbuilder templates, pepe,mia..) .

Is there some way to get this issue right?

Thanks for any advice,

hi, Navid.

I have install the plugin, but it seems that I couldn't open in it Assets - devices like user JBRamsh. I am using Autodest Motionbuilder 2017, does it make any difference?

Any chance this will work with earlier versions of Motionbuilder?

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Hi Navid,

Your plugin looks really cool! I'd love to try it but I cannot seem to get it to display in Assets - Devices. I have installed numerous times and related dlls from your plugin appear to be installed in the correct place under bin/x64/plugins.

Do you have any advice for making the plugin appear in Devices?


Thanks for your comment. Have you installed Visual C++ run-time components for Visual Studio 2015?

What is the OS are you running?


I have installed Visual C++ run-time components 2015 and I am running Windows 10


I added a troubleshooting part to Please refer to it.

Thanks again :)

Thanks! You're awesome!